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Founded in 2007, ‘Carbon Managers Limited’ is an established carbon consultancy and tree planting organisation whose previous clients include Daikin, Canon, Britvic, Skoda, Viking, Estēe Lauder & many more. We are passionate about what we do in providing professional services as valuable members of the green sector. Our work and your taking part influences the broader business landscape through public engagement such as Marketing Campaigns and Press Releases. We have worked closely with PR delegates for some of the aforementioned companies so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to know more on how we can help you with these campaigns.

We actively encourage the business sector to help stem the risks of Climate Change. Our passion for sustainable business is transferred into a dedicated service to our clients where sustainability goals, budget and strategy become our priority.

We use an in-house team of professionals to carry out carbon consultancy/sustainability services for businesses (on occasion, where requirements are more nuanced, we consult a trusted list of qualified carbon auditors to aid us in carrying out the process on an ad hoc basis).

Whatever industry you are in, get in touch with us today and we will design a plan in line with your budget and timeline. (Use the Contact Form here.)

For our carbon offsetting plans, we plant trees with Alladale Wilderness Reserve who’s outstanding contributions to nature and conservation often land them on BBC TV programming. To know more about their brilliant rewilding and tree planting efforts visit

A carbon strategy is defined as science-based targets for carbon reduction over short, medium and long term. Generally, a strategy will involve the following stages:

  • Calculate (audit and report)
  • Reduce (implement the changes)
  • Offset (plant trees)

A well organised carbon strategy will incorporate steady, stated reductions in absolute carbon emissions, with interim goals on the way to net zero. Having an effective carbon strategy that works towards a firm target will allow you and your organisation’s stakeholders to have confidence in your efforts – meaning you’re less likely to attract criticism from consumers and competitors.

A carbon audit is a means of measuring and recording the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Emissions of an organisation, institution or company in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate standard (& ISO 14064) . This is the first stage in a company’s carbon strategy for reducing their environmental impact. In many industries, a carbon strategy is compulsory and governments the world over are enforcing public disclosure of CO2 Emissions Data for large corporations. (Carbon Auditing can sometimes be referred to as ‘a carbon footprint’ or ‘carbon footprinting’). Need more info? Request a project proposal by filling out the Contact Form.

  • Reduce Business Costs – cutting energy usage and increasing energy efficiency
  • Fulfil Regulatory Obligations & Policy (get ahead of competitors where imminent legislation pressure may otherwise disrupt business operations in the future & incur penalties)
  • Utility as a Marketing Tool (showing your customers transparency on green credentials and sustainability strategy)
  • Brand Image (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Improved Working Environment (attract and retain the best workforce)
  • Being part of the movement towards a more sustainable world

This is the extensive document we produce which will be presented to the client covering all aspects of the project from start to finish. It contains in detail the relevant data collected, how it has been used by our expert auditors, conclusions on those data inputs, scope analysis, the reduction strategies specific to your audit and finally (in line with the overall emissions figures) a Carbon Offsetting Plan (COP). We offer a full end-to-end service which means you can begin your carbon offsetting programme straight away, participating in our tree-planting campaign right here on UK soil. (To find out more about tree planting and the brilliant work we are doing with the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, email us at

The completed report can be published on your website, used as part of your PR & marketing and shared within your organisation to inform your workforce of the company’s sustainability efforts.

We don’t have a carbon offsetting calculator and there’s a number of reasons why. Carbon calculators are very useful for a simple calculation such as an air travel trip. But when it comes to calculating the footprint of an entire business, it’s a much more complex and data dense process. We would not advocate using basic online carbon calculators as this is really in the realm of guess-work which is not what we do here at Carbon Managers. To avoid using incorrect information and needing to re-do, why not do it the right way, the first time around. Get in touch with us using the Contact Form and request a quote for a Professional Carbon Audit.

Our project proposals are based on details you give us about your business (its size and type of operations play a key role in creating your quote). Full carbon audits for example can vary between 2 – 12 weeks to complete. Quotes for services are subject to travel requirements, data collection requirements, the size of team required and the overall scope and scale of the project. This is why giving us some details about you and your business first can help us establish an initial quote for you.

Each package is bespoke and tailored to your requirements. We can factor the cost of the audit process into a cost benefit analysis section of your report (the cost of our services can usually be covered by the savings indicated in our reports therefore a Payback Period can also be calculated once we complete an audit).

Ask us for a price list if you are only interested in purchasing tree planting certificates. We may offer some discounts on the price if your demand for trees is over a certain threshold. Enquire now by asking for more information through the Contact Form.

Carbon capture and storage is a vital method used to help fight Climate Change, taking the Greenhouse Gas pollutant CO2 out of our atmosphere. Luckily, nature has a mechanism for doing this…. Trees!

Trees are the ultimate carbon capture and storage devices. Like great carbon sinks, woods and forests absorb atmospheric carbon and lock it up for centuries. They do this through photosynthesis.

The rangers at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands began the reforesting of the Caledonian forests some decades ago. During planting seasons over the years saplings have been planted by kids from the Challenger Trust, a charity that takes children from an urban background and gives them an experience of a lifetime at Alladale.

Since the 23,000 acre estate started the initiative, over a million native trees have been planted, with strong contributions made possible by the clients of Carbon Managers Ltd.

If you choose to offset with us, our partners at Alladale will plant, protect and maintain your trees. Locations are given on your Corporate Tree Planting Certificate. (Click to see E-Certificate example.)

You may also choose to visit Alladale and see your trees in situ.

Get in touch with us to find out about ‘Corporate Days for Staff’ in partnership with Alladale & Carbon Managers.

Paul Sharp, Retail Marketing Executive of Toshiba says, “We joined the Trees4Business programme to enhance our environmental sustainability whilst giving our customers a way to support the regeneration work at the Alladale Estate.”

“We wanted to give something back and the Tree-250 planting initiative was the perfect choice. Our company received some very encouraging feedback. We received lots of lovely thank you emails in return.” Patrizia Galeota, Estee Lauder.

“Peter Verkempynck, Managing Director, Daikin UK said: “We are delighted that we can work with Carbon Managers to take part in the trees for business campaign. As a highly innovative company focused on reducing carbon emissions through our extensive product range of renewable technologies, we felt that we could do more as a business to offset our own carbon emissions. This initiative has given us the perfect opportunity to do so whilst supporting endangered wildlife and charitable causes.”

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Last modified: June 4, 2021

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