Tree Facts

  • One person causes about 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide to be emitted a year. One tree removes about a tonne of CO2 over its lifetime.

  • By cooling the air and ground around them, the shade from trees helps cool the Earth's temperature

  • A single mature beech tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 people in a year.

  • Trees renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

  • Shade trees can make buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer.

  • Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.

  • Tree roots stabilize soil and prevent erosion.

  • Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water, as well as protecting aquifers and watersheds.

  • Over one given year; one hectare of mature woodland will absorb the carbon emissions of 100 average family cars.

  • It is estimated that the average person in the UK consumes the equivalent of 12 trees a year. This present rate of world consumption is unsustainable and yet trees are vital to our life on earth.


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