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Responding to consumer demand

Many people choose products and services which minimise their impact on the environment. Labelling your carbon credentials can help you reach these people - and communicate your green advantage.

What is Carbon Labelling?

The process of carbon labelling involves calculating and labelling a product with the amount of CO2 that has been produced during its lifecycle, giving the product an individual 'Carbon Footprint'.

How is this product carbon footprint calculated?

To calculate the carbon footprint, the Carbon Managers look at the complete lifecycle of the product including the Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Use and Disposal. The amount of CO2 at each stage in the lifecycle is calculated and totalled to produce the carbon footprint for the individual item.

  • A closer look at the carbon labelling methodology
  • Product Labelling
    The Product Label

    Working with our clients, The Carbon Managers have established a recognisable and trusted standard with our CO2 product label.

    Each label clearly displays the amount of carbon, expressed in grams of CO2.

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