Environmental Procurement Audit (EPA)

Empowering you to generate real carbon savings within your supply chain

What is an EPA?

Our Web based survey platform delivers an eco questionnaire to your suppliers. This provides an accurate snapshot of your suppliers green status.

Ranking scores and trend comparison data will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions and provide incentives where necessary to generate real carbon savings. Accreditation certificates and logos can be allocated to compliant suppliers.

Displaying the CO2 Down logo will harness the groundswell of consumer opinion in favour of environmentally conscious products and services.

Savings made within your supply chain will significantly reduce your own carbon footprint.

Carbon Managers Supplier Eco-Survey

Your Benefits

  • A ranking of suppliers from 1 'Carbon Neutral' to 10 'Carbon Corrupt'
  • Accumulation of Carbon Credits from pledges made by your suppliers
  • Accredited logos for products supplied by suitably ranked suppliers
  • Marketing and PR benefits accrued to a company being seen to exert its purchasing influence to generate real carbon savings
  • Enforce environmental policy and targets within your supply chain
  • Make informed purchasing decisions

Supplier Benefits

  • Logos for products leading to increased sales
  • Cost savings through carbon savings

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