UK consumers are making energy saving switch

25 February 2008

According to market research firm GfK, sales of A-rated appliances increased by 12 per cent in 2007.

The ratings system, which was introduced by the independent government-funded body the Energy Savings Trust, requires retailers and manufacturers to affix ratings labels to appliances.


Products including light bulbs, domestic fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers are rated from A to G, with fridges able to achieve the A++ rating.


The labels allow easy comparison of products, allowing consumers to take into account the cost of an appliance across its whole lifecycle


As a basic rule of thumb, annual running costs of an appliance can be established by multiplying the kWh figure by 75 pence.


This will, however, be impacted by energy rises, which according to GfK have added to the momentum behind the growing need to "go green".


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