UK 6th biggest energy saving inventor

10 March 2008

According to UK-IPO research, the busy enterprise of inventors in the UK means the country is the sixth word wide leader in coming up with energy saving inventions.


Japan tops the list, followed by China , America , Germany and Korea .


And the UK-IPO is seeking to encourage even more inventions, with a scheme designed to engage with primary school pupils.


The Cracking Ideas project was launched at the Education Show at Birminghams NEC and offers learning resources for classrooms.


It has also launched a competition for nine to 11-year olds, asking them to submit designs with inventions for eco-friendly applications.


Minister for intellectual property Baroness Delyth Morgan told Agip News: "Cracking Ideas is fantastic for encouraging primary school aged children to innovate. Its great that this year we are getting children to think about green innovations."


"The UK is proud of its innovating tradition and our work on energy saving devices. Cracking Ideas keeps us at the forefront of this vital field," Morgan continued.



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