New and improved motion detector could save 30% in energy savings

23 March 2008

Addressing the need for energy efficiency and ease of installation, a number of adjustments and refinements have been made, resulting in a new-generation product that is both advanced and user-friendly.

Occuswitch switches the lights off when an area is vacated – a simple but effective way to reduce energy consumption by up to one-third. As well as offering a fast payback and lower total cost of ownership, Occuswitch facilitates compliance with the latest EU building directives.

Compatible with any type of luminaire or lamp and featuring a highly sensitive presence-detection sensor, Occuswitch is a versatile solution – not just for spaces such as offices, but also for storage areas, toilets, corridors, lobbies and the like.

Occuswitch features daylight override as standard. This prevents the lights from switching on when there is sufficient daylight present. Maximizing Occuswitch’s energy-saving potential, daylight switching is available as an option. This can generate additional energy savings of up to as much as 20% by switching the lights off when there is enough incident daylight.

Occuswitch has a number of extra features for added effectiveness and convenience.
These include a retractable shield to screen off areas next to the detection zone so that the unit is not activated unnecessarily, remote-control functionality and a smart timer that automatically extends the delay if the occupants of a room are making less movement than usual.


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