Leaflight is a shining example of low energy eco-technology

25 February 2008

Herman Miller, the creators of the world famous Aeron Chair have had an outstanding environmental policy for years – actively contributing towards gaining top business and government contracts. Now the new Leaflight has raised the bar again for environmentally friendly office utilities.


The Leaflight is up to 95 percent recyclable at the end of its useful life and is comprised of 37 percent recycled materials. This figure breaks down to 24 percent post-consumer and 13 percent pre-consumer recycled content.


Packaging materials include corrugated cardboard and a polyethylene plastic bag to protect it from soiling or dust. Each of these materials is part of a closed-loop recycling system, meaning they can be recycled repeatedly.


The Leaflight’s environmental impact is perhaps most profound through its use. On average, Leaf's LEDs consume approximately eight to nine watts of power, carry a lifespan up to 100,000 hours, and cut energy use by 40 percent compared to compact fluorescent bulbs


Herman Miller continue to show how a top environmental policy, thoughtful and sensitive design and the inclusion of new eco-technologies can keep a company consistantly one step ahead of the competition.


For more info visit www.leaflight.co.uk

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