Household winter fires go green with launch of Ecoal Biomass briquettes

21 January 2008

Following successful consumer trials, the product, which is manufactured using 30% biomass, will initially be available online and across 100 BP forecourts within the M25 until April.

When burnt, ecoal emits up to 25% less CO2 emissions than regular coal and delivers the same energy performance. There are approximately 2 million home burners in the UK, burning 1 million tonnes of coal annually. By burning ecoal 0instead, these consumers would reduce their collective carbon emissions by up to 625,000 tonnes.

Tim Minett, Managing Director of CPL Industries, comments: "The Energy Savings Trust has found that UK homeowners are keener than ever to take action to help the environment. However, many green energy options available to the average consumer – such as microgeneration installations – have proved both expensive and ineffective. Thanks to the inclusion of renewable materials, ecoal represents a practical way in which homeowners can take immediate action without changing their daily routine.

"Two million UK households have open fires, stoves and hearths and this number is increasing. Many are in off-grid locations and many more find that these forms of home energy are far more efficient and aesthetic than other heating systems.

"Open home fires and stoves are becoming ever more fashionable and fireplaces across the country are being reinstated. However, many new consumers are not aware of the fifty year-old clean air legislation which prohibits the burning of coal or natural wood in many regions. ecoal presents these households with a cleaner alternative.

"There is no environmental magic wand for home energy – indeed the average suburban house generates 3.6 tonnes of CO2 a year from central heating alone - but ecoal allows those with a home fire to be more climate friendly."

Andy Davis, BP Retail's Convenience Trading Director, comments: "We are delighted to be the first retailer to bring this ground-breaking product to consumers. "

Michael Kelly, Hampshire said: "We have always enjoyed a winter fire and find it an efficient and attractive way of heating the entire house. However, we are also conscious that we all have to do our bit to reduce emissions and are therefore very pleased with this alternative to normal house coal – it produces a good flame and gives out lots of heat."



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