Energy Saving Devices Top Exhibition

14 April 2008

Over 5,100 companies will be exhibiting at the event, with organisers claiming that energy-saving technology will feature heavily.

Hanover Fair chief executive said there were three trends identifiable in the machinery industry; miniaturisation, greater use of intelligent devices and energy efficiency as a means to raise productivity as well as cut carbon emissions and power consumption.

Nippon Oil Corporation will demonstrate what it claims is the first natural gas-driven fuel-cell system for homes.

A project which sees the worlds largest producer of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) join 37 other manufacturers in a "
LED Valley " in the Tokushima prefecture in Japan will also be represented.

The fair will also provide people looking for equipment and machinery a chance to look at the latest in robotics, an area in which
Japan excels.

Japanese industry uses 356,500 robots, nearly three times as many as its closest competitor, the
US , with 122,000.

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