26 April 2008

Is there really still a biofuel debate?

It is impossible globally to grow enough biofuels to replace any significant amount of the oil needed to fuel our society. It has been so for at least 30 years.

14 April 2008

Energy Saving Devices Top Exhibition

Energy saving devices are set to be one of the highlights of a massive machinery exhibition in Hanover .

07 April 2008

GP Surgery Wins Energy Saving Award

A GP surgery in Swaffham has been presented with a top award, recognising its energy efficiency.

29 March 2008

Power Perfector adopted by DEFRA

As part of its Carbon Management Programme, the Built Environment Sustainability Team (BEST) – DefraEstates has identified Voltage Optimisation as a technology that could help deliver required energy saving improvements. 

24 March 2008

Tic Tac sized super energy efficient streetlights

A Silicon Valley company, Luxim, has developed a tiny, full-spectrum light bulb, based on a plasma of argon gas, that gives off as much light as a streetlight while using less power.

24 March 2008

Urine used to clean US diesel emissions

Mercedes Benz says it will be the first to introduce "AdBlue" clean diesel technology to US consumers. AdBlue involves fitting cars with a tank of special urine-like liquid, which is used to clean the exhaust emissions.

23 March 2008

New and improved motion detector could save 30% in energy savings

Royal Philips Electronics has recently announced the introduction of a new, improved version of its Occuswitch stand-alone movement detector, which allows energy savings of up to 30%, e.g. in office buildings, schools and hospitals

18 March 2008

New Lotus prototype CO2 fueled supercar

The Lotus Exige 270E Tri-fuel is the most powerful road version yet of the Exige and could run on methanol synthesized from CO2

10 March 2008

UK 6th biggest energy saving inventor

Inventors in the UK are working hard on energy saving ideas, making the country one of the world leaders in new green creations, according to the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO).

25 February 2008

Leaflight is a shining example of low energy eco-technology

The Herman Miller multi award winning Leaflight is a breakthrough in design, environmentally friendly construction, and energy saving technology.

25 February 2008

UK consumers are making energy saving switch

UK consumers purchasing habits demonstrated their commitment to making energy savings last year.

01 February 2008

Nokia signs up with WWF in new green move

Nokia has been shouting loud in recent months about its eco-friendly credentials, and its latest initiative looks set to win it more fans in the green movement. It's joined the WWF's Climate Savers scheme, and promised a raft of energy-saving improvements in years to come.

01 February 2008

UK Nuclear Energy Policy could be Fundamentally Flawed

The Government’s nuclear energy policy is fundamentally flawed because it relies on the “fiction” that a new generation of reactors can be built without state support, according to a key government adviser.

01 February 2008

Carbon Capture Plans for Norway

Rising emissions from oil and gas rigs, and from onshore power plants, sit uncomfortably with Norway 's sense of itself as a country with a green conscience.

Its ambition is to be a carbon neutral nation in just 22 years' time.

21 January 2008

Household winter fires go green with launch of Ecoal Biomass briquettes

CPL Industries has today launched ecoal, the home energy industry's first product to successfully integrate biomass additions into traditional smokeless fuel briquettes. These renewable materials come from plants that absorb much of the CO2 that is released when the fuel is burnt. The new, cleaner fuel will help UK homeowners who enjoy the aesthetic and efficiency benefits of a winter home fire or stove be more climate friendly.

13 January 2008

Government cuts away nuclear energy red tape

The cabinet has ended nearly four years of internal debate and backed plans designed to entice the nuclear industry to invest in a new generation of 10 nuclear power stations in Britain .

07 January 2008

10 Things you need to know about Carbon Capture

Carbon capture and storage involves trapping carbon-dioxide emissions from coal or gas-fired power stations and storing them underground. Disused oil and gas wells are the most cost-effective places for storing the CO2.

07 January 2008

Get Ready for the LED Revolution!

A new generation of super-efficient light bulbs has been unveiled by scientists stating the bulbs would “spell the end of regular filament models within three years”.

02 January 2008

Another advance in LED lighting

Rapid Electronics claims to be the first to develop light emitting diode (LED) downlights that comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.


02 January 2008

Green Energy Crisis

Britain is running out of renewable energy as a surge in demand from businesses has outstripped green electricity from wind farms, hydropower and waste gas burning.

10 December 2007

£400m wood chip fuel power-plant approved

Plans to build the world's biggest biomass power station fuelled by wood chips have been given the go-ahead by the UK government.

10 December 2007

MIT Researches Thermoelectric energy saving solutions

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researchers are developing energy-saving materials that could lead to more efficient car engines, photovoltaic cells and electronic devices.

18 October 2007

British Gas Energy Saving Equipment to Cut CO2 Emissions

HOMES in  the UK  are to be given energy-saving equipment to help reduce their CO2 emissions.

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