British Gas Energy Saving Equipment to Cut CO2 Emissions

18 October 2007

British Gas has launched a Green Streets initiative where £30,000 will be given to streets in eight UK cities to reduce domestic CO2 emissions.


Energy-saving equipment will also be given to houses in London , Manchester , Leeds , Birmingham , Cardiff , Plymouth and Southampton .


This could include energy efficient light-bulbs, cavity wall insulation, solar panels and wind turbines. The homes that lower their CO2 emissions the most in a year will be awarded £50,000 worth of energy-saving equipment to invest in a local community project.


Phil Bentley, managing director of British Gas, said: "For every £3 we spend heating our homes, £1 is wasted because of poor insulation.


"Whilst strict standards on new-builds are needed, most of the energy being consumed is in the ageing homes we live in today. It is making changes in these properties that will give us the biggest emission reductions."


Homes in London waste more energy than any other city in Britain , according to a report released by British Gas today.

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