Another advance in LED lighting

02 January 2008

EcoLEDLightings MR16 fittings were put through a series of tests by the British Standards Institute (BSI) which confirmed that both the dimmable and non-dimmable models of the lights were fully compliant with Part L 1 and 2 of the regulations.


The testing by the BSI, which tests for government departments, regulatory bodies and trade associations determined that the MR16 range offered similar luminosity to other products on the market while making 80 per cent energy savings and radiating 85 per cent less heat.


Robin Day, managing director of the firm, said: "BSI testing is world-renowned and its gratifying that our range of LED downlights stood up to this scrutiny.


"What this endorsement shows is that these luminaries can deliver significant energy saving results for organisations and individuals attempting to reduce their carbon footprint."


These developments mean that the CFL (energy saving light bulb) may have only a brief time in the spotlight (excuse the pun) and LED lighting may revolutionise energy efficient lighting even further


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