Regulatory Announcements

09 May 2008

New Stern Report

Lord Nicholas Stern has published a new report designed to help break the deadlock in international climate change negotiations and develop a carbon emission-reduction framework acceptable to both developed and developing economies.


30 April 2008

Greece Suspended from U.N. Carbon Trading

Greece has been suspended from U.N. carbon trading in an unprecedented punishment for violating greenhouse gas reporting rules that underpin a fight against global warming.

26 April 2008

CRC Ignores Green Tarrifs

The government's flagship plans to extend carbon trading to include large energy users such as supermarkets, hotels and government departments could actually penalise those firms that procure green energy or make use of onsite renewable technologies.

07 April 2008

Business Carbon Reporting to Become Law

All quoted companies will be forced to detail carbon emissions in their annual reports after the Government caved in to backbench pressure.

07 April 2008

Renewables Grants Support Schools but Home Grants Still Limited

The government has announced plans designed to make it easier for home owners, schools and charities to take advantage of its grants for installing onsite renewable energy systems - but not everyone is happy

29 March 2008

Britain on Track for Kyoto Targets!

Greenhouse gas emissions fell nearly two percent in 2007, keeping the country on track to meet its targets under the Kyoto Protocol, the government's environmental agency said on Thursday.

18 March 2008

New carbon capture debate

The government is planning to make carbon capture mandatory for all new fossil fuel power plants to help combat climate change

25 February 2008

Carbon offset quality label to launch this summer

Government's quality mark to only support Kyoto-approved credits, but Defra insists it will extend scheme for voluntary credits if industry can develop a robust standard

11 February 2008

EU could get even tougher on UN CERs

A United Nations scheme to promote carbon-reducing power projects in poor countries has come under threat as Europe tightens the rules governing the trade in carbon permits in the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

01 February 2008

EU legislation may force the UK to increase renewable energy fivefold

Britain could be forced to drastically step up the energy it takes from renewable sources to 15% by 2020 from 3% or less, under tough new green targets to be set out by the European commission last month

13 January 2008

MP calls for government to cut VAT on energy saving products

As gas and electricity prices continue to rise, Rochdale Euro-MP Chris Davies is calling for VAT rates on energy saving products to be slashed.

07 January 2008

Still Hope for Climate Change?

While no action specific commitment was made at the Bali summit, 190 countries did agree on a sensible and achievable plan

02 January 2008

Papua New Guinea tells US: “If you cant lead us, get out of the way!”

Kevin Conrad, head of Papua New Guinea’s deligation at the Bali Climate talks won ‘mass applaus’ for an aggressive speech aimed at the US secretary of state for democracy and global affairs.

17 December 2007

Al Gore tells a very inconvenient truth!

At the Bali climate change conference, Nobel prize winner Al Gore stood up in front of a packed hall and said something we already knew but had been dying to hear.

27 November 2007

Japan to purchase carbon credits from Hungary to meet Kyoto targets

Japan is negotiating with Hungary to purchase carbon credits so that it can meet the Kyoto Protocol target of greenhouse gas emissions, media reports said Monday.

21 November 2007

Low Carbon Economy: Brown demands "fourth technological revolution"

Gordon Brown on Monday set out his vision for a low-carbon Britain, claiming that the "decarbonisation" of the economy will provide huge opportunities for businesses and create hundreds of thousands of jobs over the next two decades.

18 November 2007

UK’s groundbreaking Climate Change Bill

The climate change bill – announced  officially in the Queen’s speech this month – would create a long-term legal framework to reduce the UK's C02 emissions up until 2050.

18 November 2007

Hillary Clinton plans to negotiate Kyoto successor


Democratic White House frontrunner Hillary Clinton has pledged that as president she would negotiate a successor treaty to the Kyoto protocol on climate change by 2010 – two years before Kyoto expires.

18 November 2007

2012 carbon capping targets IT

Carbon emissions legislation will target the IT sector after 2012, and businesses should start developing green technology plans, a Labour MP has advised.

09 November 2007

Environmental groups call on the government to be bolder with the coming climate change bill.

Environment secretary Hilary Benn said today the planned bill, which will impose legally binding caps on carbon emissions, would be stronger, more effective and more transparent than first put forward.

07 November 2007

Green building legislation ups costs and confusion

New green building regs could add up to 60 per cent to the construction costs of new buildings, according to a study by a leading property developer.

30 October 2007

New EU argument delays greenhouse gas emissions progress

A new row has developed among European governments that have forced the EU to postpone ambitious plans for tackling climate change before a crucial UN conference on the issue in Bali in early December.

18 October 2007

IT industry prepares for Climate Change Bill

Every UK business must carbon budget when the Climate Change Bill comes before parliament over the next year.

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