Al Gore tells a very inconvenient truth!

17 December 2007

Although not a deligate, Gore was received by a packed house to give a last minute ‘pep-talk’ before negotiations concluded…


“I am not an official of the US and I am not bound by diplomatic niceties… My own country, the US is principally responsible for blocking progress here in Bali”


This was met with raptious applaus.


Gore continued…


“Those of you who applauded can do one of two things here – you can feel anger and frustration and direct it at the US, or you can decide to move forward and do all the difficult work that needs to be done and save a large open blank space in your document and put a footnote by it [which reads] 'this document is incomplete but we are going to move forward anyway on the hope that that blank will be filled in.”


The audience of reporters, delgates and officials was  treated to further statements that were met with equal enthusiasm


“Over the next two years the US is going to be somewhere they are not now”


Huge cheers…


“One hundred and forty days from today there will be a new inauguration”


Cheers and Whoops all round…


Al Gore’s statement, will undoubtably put more pressure on US political parties and certainly will force the issues of climate change further into the minds of US voters and hopefully the policies of presedential candidates



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