USB Battery wins Design “Oscar”

23 April 2008

Photo: Moixa Energy

A British-designed sustainable product, the USBCell rechargeable battery, has been awarded Gold status at the iF Product Design Award's (sometimes referred to as a ‘Design Oscar'). The battery recharges itself whilst plugged into a personal computer's USB port, so that toxic battery landfill waste and C02 emissions are reduced. Moixa Energy, the company behind the project, has been awarded Gold status at the iF Product Design Award's (sometimes referred to as a ‘Design Oscar'). It received a research and development grant from the London Development Agency in November 2005.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, winning a 2007 National Energy Efficiency Award, the European Office Products Award, the National Energy Entrepreneur of the Year Award and commended by Design Week as a finalist for best product design of 2006.

Photo: Moixa Energy

CEO of Moixa Energy, Simon Daniel said: “The fact that our USBCELL battery can beat the world's best electronics and consumer brands demonstrates the importance of sustainable design. Today's portable and wireless devices eat batteries - over 15 billion batteries are now made/thrown away each year - equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back, wasting resources, C02 and landfill. The world needs better battery technology like our USBCELL rechargeable batteries that can be recharged anywhere from a USB port on a desktop, laptop or games station - making it easier to re-use anywhere, saving hassle, money and waste.”

The USBCELL is already in stock across the UK high-street in stores such as Currys, Comet, Staples, John Lewis and Dyas. Moixa Energy now plans USBCELL battery conversions for mobile phones and internet access devices that save consumers from carrying cables or adaptors.


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