16 July 2009

Carbon News visited the UKAware green products show, held in Olympia.  A whole host of different green products and lifestyle were available as well as some interesting seminars. UK Aware 09 had over 9,000 attendees (more than three times the attendance of last year), and 60% more exhibitors. The Green Machines Expo, saw the largest collection of low carbon vehicles ever assembled under one roof in the UK, which included eco cars and bikes from leading manufacturers such as Tesla and Vectrix.

There was a wide range of exhibitors, some selling their wares, others simply diseeminating information, such as the Fair Trade Foundation, which enables people to use more fair trade products.

Of the large number of ecologically-friendly items on offer, ecocamel water-reducing shower heads were selling like hot cakes.  This is a revolutionary replacement shower head which reduces water consumption, while aerating the water so you get a more vigorous shower.  The makers claim that the money you can save on annual utility bills can be up to £ 240 a year. Lower water use will reduce the carbon emissions from pumping and storing the water. It certainly works well and is pleasant to use.

Brightly-coloured Onya Bags fit into a tiny pouch (about 10 by 5 cm) yet are robust and can hold all your shopping. They are made from parachute silk and have a handy clip so you can attach them to somethign convenient and not forget to take them to the shops. Replacing carrier bags is important as they not only use up fossil fuel, generate non-decomposing waste, pollute our seas and might even end up in the huge slurry of plastic waste that circulates in the Pacific Ocean.

After all this eco-schmoozing we were hungry. Conscious Food tempted us with handmade "Power Snacks" that are gluten free, dairy free and guilt free. The Sorghum Millet crackers were delicious with a dip, and for dessert Walnut Nuggets went down a treat. Conscious Food, based in Mumbai, is one of the leading organic food companies in India. Over the last ten years they have developed and nurtured relationships with numerous small organic farms and communities throughout the subcontinent, ensuring a high level of quality and fair trade. Several of the farms are part of organic collectives which directly benefit the community as a whole through supporting schools for the poor, women’s rights, animal welfare.  Their products are also yummy, so you can gobble them up without worrying that they are bad for the environment.

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