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27 June 2008

Carbon Managers, publishers of Carbon News, have pledged to fund 20,000 trees in the beautiful Alladale Wilderness Lodge and Reserve in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, under its corporate tree planting programme ‘Trees 4 Business'.

Alladale is a pioneering nature project spanning 23,000 acres. The Scottish Highlands are considered one of Europe's last great areas of wilderness, yet much of the flora and fauna that once thrived there has been driven to extinction by the activities of man. Alladale Wilderness Reserve plan is to restore this remote area of the Highlands to its former natural glory.

The ancient Skiach Wood at the head of Glen Alladale is one of the northernmost remnants of the ancient Caledonian forest of which just 1% remains. Through the European Nature Trust that he founded, Alladale's owner, Paul Lister, has initiated a five year tree planting scheme to restore the riverbank plants habitat on 5 rivers that feed into the Kyle of Sutherland estuary. Working in partnership with the Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust, up to 35 miles of double-bank riparian plantings will be made in a £2m scheme that many consider to be one of the most important riparian restoration projects to have been initiated in Britain for many years. At Alladale, 90,000 native pine trees have been planted on the reserve since 2006 and a total of 300,000 are expected to be planted over the next three years. Carbon Managers have pledged to plant 20,000 trees.

Geremy Thomas, CEO of Carbon Managers, says, “In today's world of heightened environmental concern, customers and employees are increasingly attracted to companies with green credentials. Our ‘Trees 4 Business' campaign, where companies commit to plant either 100, 250 or 500 trees, cuts through the scientific fog around global warming and the role trees play in controlling climate change. Not only does it represent a highly tangible and powerful demonstration that enrolled organisations take environmental issues seriously, but this programme also helps them communicate and share that commitment with their customers, prospects, employees, communities and stakeholders.”

The inspiration for this ambitious and positive environmental project is the award-winning Shamwari Game Reserve, a 25 000 hectares (61 000 acres) malaria-free, private game reserve situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa,. which inspired Paul Lister to emulate elements of the Shamwari model at his own reserve.

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