Trees for Business

23 April 2008

Trees for Business

Green is the new black. People want to be associated with green initiatives. Recent UK research found that over 82% of consumers want to deal with a company that is eco-friendly. Being green can boost staff morale – many employees want to take environmentally sound initiatives at work. A survey of top UK Graduates by an accountancy firm showed significant numbers wanted to work for environmentally responsible organisations. Numerous other polls and opinion samples show that increasing numbers of people want to participate in improving the environment. Tree planting is one option that is readily recognised by consumers as a positive eco-action.

A single tree will absorb approximately 730kg of CO2 over its lifetime

Trees use energy from the sun to fuel photosynthesis. Photosynthesis converts water and CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere into carbohydrates that are used by the tree for nutrients. The by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen, which is released by trees into the atmosphere. So by absorbing CO2, trees rid the environment of an excess pollutant and in return, they give us oxygen to breathe.

Tree planting in the UK

Here in the UK only 12% of our land is wooded, compared with an average of 32% in each European country. It's essential we retain wooded areas to help reduce pollution, generate oxygen, maintain wildlife habitats and improve quality of life. Besides absorbing CO2, trees also affect the climate by modifying the effects of sun, wind, and rain. Leaves absorb heat and provide shade in summer, and trunks and branches retain some of the sun's heat to re-radiate in winter. Wind and rain are broken up by standing trees, and they stabilise the soil from water runoff, therefore reducing soil erosion and flooding.

Trees are an important part of biodiversity. They provide an excellent living area for many creatures, from birds to humbler creatures such as beetles. Broadleaved woodland contains more than twice as many rare species, listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, as any other UK habitat.

Forests and woodland also ‘clean' the air as trees trap harmful dust particles and absorb gases such as sulphur dioxide and ozone. Scientific evidence has shown that air pollution ‘absorbed' by trees in this way is considerable.

Tree planting is good for business and for the environment. Customers, staff and stakeholders can easily appreciate the link between tree planting and doing something positive for the environment.

"The trees 4 business campaign aims to plant over 100,000 trees during 2008.
We need your help to make this happen"

Carbon Managers have a simple proposition for companies. Make an annual commitment to plant either 100, 250 or 500 trees and we will publish your commitment on a public register, issue your business with an accreditation certificate and deliver logos for your notepaper and web presence. The Carbon Managers manage their own plantations here in the UK and have partnerships with respected organisations around the world.

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