Top Tips -The Sea

18 February 2008

Don’t use plastic carrier bags – use reusable ones.  The bags are made from oil which is depleting and causes pollution, but worse than that they can end up in the sea.  If they don’t choke a seabird or fish, which mistake them for food, they could end up in the continent-sized plastic drift in the Pacific.

When you buy fish, check that they have the blue Marine Stewardship Council logo, which means that they have been taken from sustainable fisheries.
Try to purchase fish that are caught by line, rather than in huge nets. 

If you are buying Tuna, then only skipjack are not threatened at the moment (and of course you only buy dolphin-friendly Tuna).

Ensure that you do not buy fish that are on Greenpeace’s red list of fish that are highly endangered.

If you go to the seaside, in the UK or abroad, package up all your rubbish and take it to be recycled or disposed of on land.  Don’t use the sea as a dump. Especially if you are on a boat.

Don’t let go of that balloon!   Balloons are fun, but they are not harmless to sea creatures.  Released balloons that come down on the sea can do harm.  Marine turtles and some seabirds mistake floating balloons for the jellyfish they eat and they get stuck in their throats or stomachs, which is usually fatal.

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