Top tips in the home

10 January 2008

Save water by putting a plug in the washbasin, and have showers rather than baths. You can reduce the amount of water used by flushing the toilet by putting something into the cistern to use up space, like a small plastic bottle filled with water; don’t use a brick – it could damage your toilet’s workings. Some water companies give out free “hippos” – little devices to do the same thing.

Use extension leads with off switches, or ones that automatically shut down all devices when the main one is turned off, for example, a computer. If you are lazy like me, get remotely-controlled sockets so you don’t have trek all across the room!

Turning down the thermostat is a good idea, but so is blocking as many draughts as you can, for instance, from the letterbox. DIY shops sell a variety of draught excluders for different purposes.
Top tip for Londoners: get two free Energy Saving bulbs

Coming up soon is a “light bulb amnesty” from the Mayor of London, British Gas and B & Q. From January 11-13 you can trade in up to two traditional light bulbs for free energy-saving bulbs in any London B & Q store. The offer does not include fluorescent strip lights and is limited to two bulbs per household while stocks last. For more information visit or text “bulb” followed by your full postcode to 62967.


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