Top tips for Organic Gardening

20 August 2008

To add a little encouragement for the Soil Association's planned drive to get more people organic gardening, we have put some simple organic garden tips below.

To prevent dirt from getting under your fingernails while gardening, scratch a bar of soap before starting to work. When you are finished, the soap will wash out from under your nails and your nails won't have those telltale dark stains under them!

Fennel is an excellent plant for attracting ladybirds. The tall plants are usually covered in ladybird eggs and larvae. Make some space in your garden for this beneficial herb.

Paint the handles of your garden tools bright red.  The paint will protect them from the weather and the bright red color will make them easier to find amongst the greenery.

Whenever possible, water your garden early in the morning.  In the afternoon sun, much of the water will evaporate before it can get down to the roots.  In the evening, the roots absorb less actively and less evaporation occurs - a recipe for root rot.

Make a space for children to have their own simple herb of flower garden. Wildflowers are easy to grow and will surprise you with their many varieties of colour and shape. However they do tend to colonise other areas so must be kept separated from the rest of the garden.

Keep garlic in your toolkit. If insect pests like aphids become a nuisance, crush the cloves to make your own insect spray. Any garlic that sprouts can be planted in the garden to help repel other pests.

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