Top tips for freecycling

23 April 2008

Freecyclers should advertise widely, preferably several weeks in advance.

Join up with the local Freecycle group - use it to advertise the
event, but also offer to advertise their group at your own event.

Plan a date for a second event in advance, and give flyers about it to
people as they leave.

Choose a location where there are lots of passers-by.

Put lots of tables out in the room you've hired, and stick big labels
on them to tell people what to leave there (e.g. household, garden,
toys, clothes, etc.), and make sure people bringing stuff sort it onto
the tables - you can't do it all yourselves!

Ensure there is sufficient parking nearby for people picking up or dropping off items.

Have a table out the front of the building, and put some most attractive things on it, to get passers-by interested.

Make sure people know they are not obliged to bring anything, or take
anything - they can do either or both.

Don't charge anything to come in to the venue.
Provide free refreshments if possible. If you couple this with a “donations” bowl, then some people will contribute, and this will defray the costs.

Be prepared to dispose of the “leftovers”. Often some can go to charity shops, which is better than having to put them in the rubbish.

(Thanks to Dr Mike Pepler for these tips)
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