Top Tips for a Transition Town

25 March 2008

Our main article is about the Transition Town movement. What if you wanted to “unleash” a transition initiative in your own locality. What should you do?

The method of starting a transition initiative has become more formalised. There are now a number of things that people need to know, or do, to start the group:

•  An understanding of Peak Oil and Climate Change as drivers that will alter our society

•  A small group of 4-5 enthusiastic people to start the ball rolling

•  At least two people from the core group to attend an intial two-day training course run by the Transition Initiative

•  A potentially strong connection to the local council

•  An ability to ask for help when it is needed

•  Outreach – both to residents of the area, and other transition and green movements locally and nationally

•  A commitment to inclusivity

There are many other factors to consider, but these are the top tips. For further information on forming a Transition Group, read the primer at:

The Carbon Managers Ltd - The Green Building - Beckington - Bath - BA11 6TE
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