Too Little Too Late - the politics of climate change

04 March 2009

By Colin Challen MP

Colin Challen MP £9.99

Picnic Publishing 2009 pp256

This book is an analysis of the politics of climate change from the perspective of an elected politician. It looks at a neglected part of the Climate Change problem: how governments and politicians have reacted. The clue is in the title.

Colin Challen is a Labour MP who is chair of the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group, as well as publishing a Climate Change newsletter, and as Gordon Brown acknowledges, “an expert on these matters”. Unfortunately he is in a minority in the British Parliament. He details the failures of vision and investment of governments, and shows how promises of action have failed to keep up with the reality of steadily worsening climate change. Despite Britain's groundbreaking Climate Change Act, “It is very difficle to see how those departments most tied to economic grown are going to cope with it”. (p.111). In contrast, Germany has embraced photovoltaic solar panels, not just for the relatively small amount of sunshine Germany receives, but for the desire to get ahead in R & D, export opportunities and the green economy.

The book invludes a very good chapter on nuclear power and how it is not going to be a panacea for solving our global emissions problems.

A thoroughly good investigation into an aspect of climate change which does not receive enough analysis. Perhaps it may even change the attitudes of a few politicians….
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