The Age of Stupid - Climate Change Film

28 July 2008

Forthcoming Climate Change film, The Age of Stupid, is a drama-documentary, ostensibly set in the future of 2055, which shows five human stories weaving themselves around all sides of this complicated issue.

It features fine actor Pete Postlethwaite as a future archivist looking back on footage taken in our times, showing the problems we have created for ourselves. He asks why we let climate change destroy us, when the evidence was all around for us to see.

The Age Of Stupid is a “crowd-funded” film. The first £250K came from donations and selling "shares" to ordinary people in 2005. The organisers are expecting that the film will be released in the UK in October 2008. It has already been shown at Sundance and other festivals. It took four years to make and is directed by Franny Armstrong, who made McLibel , about the McLibel case where McDonalds took two activists to court for libel and produced by the Oscar-winning John Battsek of One Day In September

Website: The Age of Stupid


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