The 11th Hour – a new film about climate change opening soon

19 February 2008

Fronted by Leonardo DiCaprio, a new eco-documenary called “The 11th Hour” is about to open in UK cinemas.  The film explores how we’ve arrived at this moment -- how we live, how we impact the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course. Featuring experts from all over the world, including former Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, former head of the CIA R. James Woolsey and sustainable design experts William McDonough and Bruce Mau as well as over 50 leading scientists, thinkers and leaders who discuss the most important issues that face our planet and people.

The title alludes to how late it is to remedy the damage whe’ve done and highlights that we have little time to make important changes in our relationship with the planet we live on.

Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, and written and directed by Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners,

The film is linked with various environmental initiatives and offset its own carbon emissions during production so that it did not contribute to the destruction it criticises.

It will open in the UK in March.


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