Testimonial for the Carbon Managers

28 November 2007

The Keyboard Company, UK specialist keyboard and pointing device supplier based in Gloucestershire, has recently been in touch with Carbon Managers in search of consultation and help implementing a revised environmental policy. As a supplier of equipment to all sorts of locations in the UK and beyond, The Keyboard Company were keen to discover how they could operate their business in a more environmentally friendly manner.

"The Keyboard Company have been leading suppliers to Individuals, Companies, Educational Establishments and Government Departments since 1989. In line with our policy of providing a modern first-class service, we recently called in Carbon Managers to implement their four-step programme in order to up-date our environmental policy. We found their service to be both professional and efficient. We now believe that we have the right credentials for our Company to become carbon neutral and to play its part in improving the environment".

If you would like Carbon Managers to help you in any way with your environmental policy, please contact us. We can provide all the help you need to revise your environmental policy (or even help you create one if you haven’t yet got one!) and point you in the right direction to improve the way you company operates in terms of environmental sustainability.

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