Power Perfector Shaves Energy Costs

03 March 2009

Innovative Technology Optimises Voltage and Cuts Emissions

The UK uses 240 volt Alternating Current electricity, continental Europe 220 volt A/C. The difference between the two is the basis for an innovative technology called powerPerfector. It reduces and micromanages the electricity going to industrial, government or business premises to save energy costs and thus save money, and also reduce carbon emissions. Operating at a lower, but perfectly usable voltage will extend the life of equipment too.

This is called Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO). A small unit is added into the electricity supply system before it reaches the main distribution board in the company's premises. VPO is an effective approach to addressing the wastage that comes from over-voltage supply and poor power quality to an entire site: with one installation all a businesses electrical equipment will be operating close to its designed optimum performance and protected from transients (a short-lived blip in the system caused by a sudden change of voltage, for example).

Hilton hotels in Glasgow, Bracknell and Brighton have already installed powerPerfector

British Energy are taking this new method of energy reduction to all their clients and it is being installed by government departments, as well as councils, supermarkets and other businesses, who are aiming to reduce their costs and carbon output by up to 20%. DEFRA, Hilton Hotels, London School of Economics, various local government organisations, even the Tower of London have installed the technology. It looks to be a winner as the price of energy creeps ever upwards.

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