National Climate March

27 November 2008

National Climate March

Photo: Mike Grenville

The annual national climate march takes place on December 6th. It is important because significant positive developments have taken place this year. The upcoming Climate Bill will agree to carbon reduction of 80% rather than 60% by 2050 as previously, a large step in the right direction. The International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook, published recently, takes a significant view on climate change for the first time: “ Preventing catastrophic and irreversible damage to the global climate ultimately requires a major decarbonisation of the world energy sources. On current trends, energy-related emissions of carbon-dioxide (CO 2 ) and other greenhouse gases will rise inexorably, pushing up average global temperature by as much as 6°C in the long term. Strong, urgent action is needed to curb these trends.”

The Climate Change marchers want to keep up the pressure on our legislators. This action is part of a global day of action on climate.

The march will start at Grosvenor Square (Bond Street or Marble Arch tube). Participants will assemble at 12 noon. Full schedule here

Photo: Mike Grenville

Speakers will include Nick Clegg (leader Liberal Democrat Party), Caroline Lucas (leader, Green party), Michael Meacher (ex-Environment Minister) and George Monbiot (Honorary President, Campaign against Climate Change).

The march will be preceded by a climate protest bike ride starting from Lincoln's Inn Fields at 10.30 am: see more here.

There will be a Climate Change Service at Hinde Street church at 11.30 am - worshippers will join the march afterwards. See more here.

There will be an After-Party in the Synergy Centre from 5.00 pm till late.

For info about coaches or other transport from around the country to the march click here.

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