Mayor scraps £25 Congestion Charge for Gas Guzzlers

28 July 2008

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has scrapped the CO2 Charge, which would have charged owners of large family cars £25 a day to drive in the Central London Congestion Charge zone, a large increase from the £8 they pay currently. This means there will be no increase in charge for drivers of Band G vehicles from October 2008. The Band A and B discount, which would give free entry to the zone for low or zero-emission vehicles has also been stopped.

The discount for alternative fuel vehicles will remain in place and the existing Congestion Charge scheme will not be affected.

The London Low Emission Zone, which seeks to reduce harmful emissions from the largest diesel-engined vehicles like lorries, buses and coaches, is also unaffected.

This is a setback for people who want to encourage the use of environmentally friendly vehicles and penalise the large gas-guzzling SUVs roaming London, often on short, fuel-inefficient journeys. Former Mayor Ken Livingstone said the decision was "a further blow to London as a ground-breaking city to tackle climate change and improve the environment". He added that rather than saving money "London will lose £30-£60m expected annual revenue from the scheme".


Mayor's Statement

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