Green Up! An A-Z of environmentally friendly home improvements

28 May 2008

By Will Anderson

Green Up! An A-Z of environmentally friendly home improvements

Published by Green Books on 100% recycled paper, £7.95

This is a pocket book which details practical ways in which people can upgrade their homes in an environmentally fashion, from the smallest things such as using environmentally non-petroleum based paints, to large undertakings, like fitting a ground-source heat pump, for example.

The author, Will Anderson, lives in a solar-powered zero carbon home, which he supervised the building of, and wrote about for the Independent newspaper. So the tips and techniques come from practical experience, not ivory tower theorising. For example he had a problem with squirrels – they would leap from the large tree in his garden onto the roof, become trapped behind his solar panels, and die, leaving rotting and smelly corpses. This completely unexpected problem was solved, not without difficulty, by cutting back the tree so the squirrels could no longer reach the roof.

Each of the improvements is costed, and has links to further information and websites. Anderson says: “If you green up every choice you make, in time you will find yourself living in a warmer, healthier, and happier home.”



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