Games for Change

29 September 2008

Games for Change

Games for Change (G4C) is an online gaming company which promotes using gaming for social change. They look to games to involve younger people – who are often very computer-game oriented – to play games which have a theme of social responsibility and progressive attitudes. On their website they have several games which promote, for example, non-violent interaction as a force for social change (A Force More Powerful), climate science (Climate Challenge), energy, global warming and development (Melting Point) and many other social issues, including human rights.


The BBC’s Climate Challenge Game

They say: “Games for Change (G4C) provides support, visibility and shared resources to individuals and organizations using digital games for social change. We provide special assistance to foundations and non-profits entering the field. Today, G4C acts as a national hub to help organizations network and develop videogame projects beyond their traditional expertise. Our members represent hundreds of organizations and include partners in the games industry, academia, nonprofits, local and state governments, foundations, the UN and artists. “

One of the games, 3rd World Farmer, does exactly what it says – the player becomes a third world farmer, an experience far removed from most of our lives, but very important to the production of food: “3rd World Farmer lets players manage a small virtual farm in a developing country, and thus experience the hardships and dilemmas faced by the poor. “
G4C is an innovative use of webspace to highlight problems, but not by preaching to the converted but by engaging people all over the world via the medium of web gaming.


Editor:  Julian Jackson

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