Forthcoming Eco Events August-September 2008

20 August 2008

Renewable Energy Weekend

Date: Saturday 23 Aug 2008 to Monday 25 Aug 2008

Description: Enjoy an unforgettable renewable energy weekend at Trelay Farm, an inspiring small-holding where we aim to live lightly on the earth.

Venue: Trelay Farm, near Bude, Cornwall

Contacts: Jackie Carpenter 01840 230 423

Web Address:


Wormeries & Composting

Date: Sept 6

venue: Hackney City Farm , London

A wormery is a fast and efficient way to break down food waste. The compost that is produced is high quality with a good structure. An added benefit is the liquid plant food produced as the worms eat through the food scraps.

Soil Association Organic Fortnight 2008

Date: Saturday 6 Sept 2008 to Sunday 21 Sept 2008

Description: Soil Association Organic Fortnight, is a nationwide campaign bringing together individuals, communities, retailers, restaurants, schools and organic farms across Britain to celebrate all things organic, staging events, promote organic products and discuss the issues.

Contacts: 0117 914 2448
Web Address:

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