Forthcoming Eco Events July 2008

27 June 2008

Eco Open Houses 28-29th June and 5-6th July 2008

Venue: Brighton & Hove

During the weekends of 28-29 June and 5-6 July 2008 people will be able to visit eco-houses in Brighton & Hove who will be opening their doors to the public.

Guardian Climate Change Summit 16th July 2008

Business Design Centre, London

The Guardian Climate Change Summit will bring together senior executives and decision makers to discuss strategies to keep stake holders engaged and fight against climate change.

Climate Change Summit

Straw-Bale building 11th-13th July 2008

This is a practical building project, aiming to leave a permanent structure on the site. This will involve some carpentry and general building as well as handling straw bales. You will also learn about the environmental and practical benefits of constructing buildings using straw bales.

Venue: Unstone Grange, Sheffield
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