Eco Driving Tips

28 November 2007


  1. Pump up to cut down.

    If your tyres are under inflated, more fuel is used and more CO2 emissions emitted. Properly inflated tyres will also last longer which is a further benefit for the drive towards a greener life.
  2. Keep all unnecessary weight down, empty your boot of uneccessary and heavy items.

    Reduce the effort your engine needs to make and cut fuel consumption.
  3. Stay within the driving speed limits.

    Staying  within the speed limits will help reduce your fuel consumption. The engine will rev appropriately and you will put less stress on the car hence burn less fuel. At 70mph you may be burning 9% more fuel than at 60mph and up to 15% more fuel than at 50mph.
  4. Stop the “stop start” driving style.

    When we stop and start a car in traffic we are burning more fuel than if we cover a similar distance but without actually stopping so often. So read the road ahead and slow down via engine and gear braking to reduce fuel consumption on your daily commute.
  5. Over revving accelerates emissions and increases fuel consumption.

    You don’t need to rev a modern engine in the way old stlye engines needed. So keep your foot off the accelerator and gently ease away into the traffic. More wafting, less zooming.
  6.  In a jam? Turn off your engine.
    If you find yourself standing still and it loooks as though its going to be in excess of 2 or 3 minutes, turn off your engine.
  7. Be rev-aware

     Keep your car  running at the right revs -change up a gear before 2,500rpm (petrol) and 2,000rpm (diesel). Accelerate away from stationary position smoothly and gradually to increase fuel efficiency.
  8. Windows

    When travelling on a motorway, keeping your windows up will increase the aerodynamic of the car and hence reduce drag and hence reduce fuel consumption.
  9. Air Conditioning

    It might cool you in the short term but you are helping to warm up the environment as switching on the air con immediately increases the fuel consumption of your car.
  10. Remove those idle roof racks

    Roof racks and roof boxes are great for the odd trip but they casues a considrable reduction in fuel efficiency due to drag and aero dynamics. If not in use, remove and store.
  11. Plan your route

    Don’t drive aimlessly……….minimise your distances by properly planning a route before you set off.
  12. Consider a car share scheme!
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