Carbon-Saving New Computer launched by VeryPC

29 September 2008

Carbon-Saving New Computer launched by VeryPC

VeryPC, a major supplier of extremely low-energy personal and business computers, has launched a high performance 16Watt dual-cored media centre PC, aptly named Fulwood (after the prestigious suburb of Sheffield, where they are based).  At over four times faster and at almost half the energy consumption of most computers Fulwood offers extremely high performance and flexibility while retaining its environmental standing.  This PC is not just fast, but it also saves money by consuming less energy, an important purchasing factor in these days of high electricity prices. In comparison, to a normal desktop PC these quiet machines use up to 75% less energy.

Green PC say: “Studies have shown that as many as 30% of home users leave their computers on all the time, which means for these people, switching to a GreenPC should save as much as £342 in electricity over the next 4 years. This is likely saving more energy than your fridge freezer uses! In CO2 terms, switching to a GreenPC Treeton II is equivalent to planting as many as 13 trees.”

Brief specification:

The Fulwood, despite its tiny power draw doesn’t fall short on features, which include an Intel P9500 2.53GHz dual core CPU, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Intel x4500HD graphics, DVDRW, remote control Windows Vista Premium, DVI (with DVI-VGA splitter for dual screens and HDMI adaptor), and surround sound audio (with SPIDIF optical interface Gigabit LAN).

Like with all VeryPC machines the Fulwood is fully customisable. Available options include internal WiFi, internal digital/hybrid TV tuner and internal Bluetooth.

VeryPC hopes the Fulwood will become one of the first PCs to be seen on the new European Energy Star List and the Energy Saving Trust’s Recommended List with impressively low power consumption figures of 16Watts idle for the base model, 19Watts idle with all the available upgrade options, and only 2Watts in ‘sleep mode’.  These figures are 75% below the threshold of Energy Star 4.0 category B, which requires 65Watts or less at idle in Windows desktop.

Pricing and availability:

The Fulwood will be available to pre-order from the 25h September on a deposit basis, and will be available to purchase online at from mid October.
Prices start from £868 (inc. VAT) for the standard model and go up to £1104.5 (inc. VAT). All prices are for the PC only, and exclude monitor, keyboards and mice, and delivery.

VeryPC is the only IT manufacturer to officially be ‘Made in Sheffield’; it is a British computer manufacturer who specialise in providing more environmentally friendly hardware solutions have become the environmental brand leaders to SME, Corporate enterprise and consumer markets. The holistic approach taken by VeryPC puts an emphasis on significantly reducing energy consumption while maintaining the high modern performance expected.


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