Carbon Managers visit “Business Start Up” show

27 November 2007

Taking the message to the public is part of the challenge faced by Carbon Managers. Whilst there is a vast amount of information and general awareness of environmental issues, our objective is to increase awareness through action thereby contributing on two fronts to the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of UK business. Carbon Managers activities will increase awareness and help reduce any business’s carbon footprint.

From acorns grow mighty oak trees, a fitting symbol of Carbon Manager’s goal to spread awareness and to preserve our wonderful environment. To this end Carbon Managers attended and displayed their message at the recent Business Start (In Association with Lloyds TSB) up show at London Olympia. (November 2- 3 2007) Not only did this provide a great platform for business to business contacts but it enabled us to gain more information about the immense scope for Carbon Managers to impact positively on business’s in the UK. “

“Business Startup is now in its sixth successful year. Over the years we have researched literally thousands of companies that offer services to start-ups and growing businesses, and bring the cream of the crop together under one roof to help you source the information, advice and services you need to run a successful business”. (Business Startup)

Carbon managers believe that by getting to know business’s at an early stage will help those business’s to adopt a sound environmental policy from the outset. Sometimes its easier to help people who are not already set in their ways, there’s less likely to be a barrier to overcome in convincing them about the necessity of adopting good environmental practices.

“The show was a great success” said Geremy Thomas of Carbon managers, “We met with lots of people who were very keen to hear our views and we even managed to sign up several business’s into the Carbon Managers business club service. We are spreading the word!”

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