A Green Day Out

20 March 2008

Power: our society runs on it – the raw calories of energy produced by petrol, diesel, Jet A1, natural gas, uranium, coal and renewable sources. We can't do without it, unless we want to shiver in caves, but we do have choices about how we generate it and what we use it for.

Information is also power. Unlike the physical stuff, it's not likely to run out. Nowadays we often suffer from an excess of it – information overload. Ideally what people need is to apply accurate, useful information to sufficient physical power to make things happen. This is the concept of empowerment.

Carbon Managers wants to empower workforces with A Green Day Out.

Combining seminars from leading experts with a fun team-building session in a pleasant setting near Bath, A Green Day Out will help organisations become fitter for the future. A full day programme involves both theoretical and practical activities to help companies adapt to the challenges of climate change, which include volatile fuel and materials costs, tight markets and government legislation.

Organisations can bring a team of guests to a carbon action seminar for a briefing on global warming, its effect on their businesses today and its likely implications for the future. Learn about current legislation, evaluation techniques and how to reduce carbon emissions in your own business. Come away with an action list to be implemented in your business, delivering cash and carbon savings. Education and subsequent action is the key to effecting climate change.

This will be a corporate day out with a difference. The group will stay the night before at the Woolpack Inn, a charming 15 th century coaching inn “with a touch of luxury.”

The day's programme includes a full morning briefing by four guest speakers on different aspects of future-proofing business against the vagaries of economic climate change. Delegates will then plant trees to offset some of the emissions caused by their activities. The afternoon will involve some practical exercises of an unusual and interesting kind – brewing your own biodiesel, or building a wind turbine. There is also the option of clay pigeon shooting for those who want to have a go at this low-carbon-emission sport.

A delicious low-food miles lunch and refreshments will also be provided.

This programme is aimed at preparing organisations for the challenges that are coming.

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