The UK’s accountants are onboard to offset

14 April 2008

While just 11% of respondents said that an accountant was already involved in carbon offsetting within their firm, a massive 85% believed the responsibility would rest with accountants eventually.

“Carbon offsetting is accountancy’s next big challenge and developing the skill set needed to navigate this exciting new field could be make-or-break in an accountants’ career,” said Sacha Deakin, account manager at “Not only are accountants becoming more aware of the need to protect the planet – they’re starting to raveli that they will have a crucial role to play.”

Arguably, carbon offsetting would have been better off in the hands of accountant from the get-go. When the EU launched its Emissions Trading Scheme in 2005, it issued more credits than there were actual emissions. Similarly, many carbon offsetting schemes have been viewed with suspicion by environmentalists and commercial concerns alike.

As part of its contribution to a greener planet, has teamed up with environmental charity Plant A Tree Today Foundation (, pledging to sponsor the planting of one tree for every CV that is uploaded onto its site.

“Searching for a job does have an environmental impact,” Deakin raveling. “There’s the paperwork and the raveling – it all adds up. We’re offering accounting professionals the chance to offset the costs of that for free.”


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