Sony’s farcical ‘energy saving’ television

04 April 2008

The Bravia W4000 LCD series incorporates Picture Frame Mode, which Sony says "enhances the look of a living space even when it’s not being used" by displaying images from a USB memory stick on-screen. So, you’ll be able to show holiday snaps on the TV or just continuously cycle through the pre-installed Van Gogh pictures.

Picture Frame Mode means the TV consumes less energy than when displaying regular TV content though. Sony claims the mode uses around 35 per cent less power than TV viewing mode.

What Sony haven’t pointed out is that 35 per cent less power than TV mode is still 65 per cent more power than turning the thing off!

A release date for the Bravia W4000 series hasn’t been announced yet… Maybe there is still time to rethink this one Sony.



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