HSBC climate change website sets a good business example

25 February 2008

A brief scan through the website and web surfers can access information on energy saving projects, water conservation, waste management, and CO2 reduction across the globe.

The website also includes tips for consumers, case studies and a statement entitled “Our Commitment”:


HSBC has had an active commitment to the environment for many years. In fact, HSBC was the first major bank to go completely carbon neutral, in 2005. We believe it is the responsibility of governments, businesses and individuals to recognise the challenge of climate change and to play their part in minimising the impacts now and in the future. HSBC employs a variety of ways to maintain its carbon neutrality and fulfil its responsibilities, including researching and adopting new technologies, creating new ways of doing business, and motivating staff and customers to do the same. Within our own business practice, we measure energy and water use and waste and CO2 production and have set targets for continuous reductions in these areas. We have moved beyond reactive engagement to proactively including sustainability as a core part of the business, incorporating environmental criteria into our lending policies to support our clients in building environmentally-sustainable businesses. We pursue business opportunities in the field of sustainability and partner with environmental organisations to assist them with their projects.


HSBC’s environmental policy serves not only as a benchmark for similar sized mega-corporations but also as a shining example to small-medium sized businesses that are considering how to best reduce their environmental impact and improve their social credentials.

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