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30 April 2008

Etnies Shoes Make a Smaller Footprint

As part of its ongoing commitment to the preservation of the environment, action sports leader Sole Technology, parent company of etnies, eS, Emerica, ThirtyTwo has announced its goal to become a carbon neutral company by the year 2020.

26 April 2008

Hilton Europe Boasts Green Credentials

Hilton Hotels has bolstered its appeal to environmentally-conscious business travellers this month with the announcement that it has hit energy saving targets for the past year.

14 April 2008

IT Industry Still Behind on Green Policy

Three quarters of chief information officers believe that green computing is an important part of their IT strategy but just eight per cent say they have a policy and 20% admit they couldn't implement a green policy within one year.

14 April 2008

The UK’s accountants are onboard to offset

According to a new survey by JustAccountancyJobs.com, three-quarters of the 180 finance professionals surveyed by the free jobs website agreed that carbon offsetting – whether voluntary or compulsory – would become a reality at their firms within just five years, compared with just 18% who said their firms were already carbon offsetting.

14 April 2008

New Chinese Green Photocopier Legislation.

The Chinese government has not previously been considered the greenest of establishments. However, new Chinese legislation has imposed energy saving standards on photocopiers.

04 April 2008

Sony’s farcical ‘energy saving’ television

Instead of switching your TV off when it isn’t in use, Sony advocates leaving it on and watching pretty pictures instead. The electronics giant has launched an HD TV series that displays still images on-screen when you’re done watching Eastenders.

29 March 2008

Earth Hour

Its Saturday, March 29, 2008 . Today at 8.00pm its Earth Hour!

29 March 2008

Ken Claims Boris Opposed Kyoto

Ken Livingstone sought to turn the mayoral race into a "green election" as he unveiled his environmental policies for a third term.


He slated his Tory opponent the eccentric Boris Johnson as "one of the least environmentally friendly politicians in the country", claiming he opposed the kyoto treaty and other green legislation.

23 March 2008

Porridge Power!

A Scottish company is to use oat husks, part of the residue from the production process, to generate enough electricity and steam to maintain the site.

10 March 2008

No Bottled Water at Westminster

The backlash against bottled water continued yesterday with the decision that it will no longer be served by the Westminster government.

10 March 2008

Car Manufacturers in row over EU emissions controls

European Union countries that make heavy cars, led by Germany, clashed last week with makers of smaller ones such as France over tough measures to force automobile manufacturers to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

10 March 2008

Marks & Spencer scraps free carrier bags

M & S Bosses announced a 5p charge for each bag from the food hall would be rolled out across UK stores from May 6, with profits being donated to environmental charity Groundwork, which provides and improves green spaces in neighbourhoods across the country.

03 March 2008

BP green energy business up for sale?

BP has stated that its alternative energy business is worth as much as £3.5bn, but hinted it could be put up for sale to take advantage of rising values in the renewable sector.

03 March 2008

UNEP launches the UN Carbon Neutral Network

Launched last month the network unites four countries, four cities and five corporations in their attempts to cut their carbon emissions

03 March 2008

Australian Kyoto target will be met

Australia will meet Kyoto commitment but has late ratification left the country with a soft target?

25 February 2008

HSBC climate change website sets a good business example

HSBC’s climate change website sets a good example for corporate environmental and social responsibility

www.hsbccommittochange.com is a website that clearly outlines the current efforts of the trans-national super-company’s environmental projects, policies and progress.

22 February 2008

Green Bank Launches Green Property Fund

Investment bank Climate Change Capital has launched a new ‘green’ property fund that could push the property industry’s environmental policies into even greener pastures

22 February 2008

E.ON Press Release

E.ON, one of the UK's leading energy suppliers and Sponsor of The FA Cup, is offering free coach travel with National Express for football fans heading to FA Cup Fifth Round matches, as part of its Carbonfootyprint.com campaign.

01 February 2008

Nokia signs up with WWF in new green move

Nokia has been shouting loud in recent months about its eco-friendly credentials, and its latest initiative looks set to win it more fans in the green movement. It's joined the WWF's Climate Savers scheme, and promised a raft of energy-saving improvements in years to come.

21 January 2008

Norway to be Carbon Neutral by 2030

Norway, which last year set what it called the world's most ambitious target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, said on Thursday it aimed to go "carbon neutral" in 2030, which is 20 years earlier than its previous target.

21 January 2008

Carbon Neutral Business Park Planned for Former Nuclear Site

A MAJOR deal has been struck to create one of the country's first zero-carbon business parks at Winfrith, Dorset.

21 January 2008

Royal Mail Group Employee Tree Planting Scheme

Royal Mail Group employees have the option of planting trees with woodland conservation charity, The Woodland Trust.

07 January 2008

SMEs can cut bills by going green

Implementing energy saving and waste reduction measures is almost certain to prove cost effective for small companies, according to an environmental business expert.

02 January 2008

Carbon Neutral Schools

Energy-saving and eco-friendly school building projects have been announced as part of the government’s drive for new schools to be carbon neutral.

10 December 2007

4/5 firms want more green regulations

The research from law firm Clifford Chance was based on interviews with over 100 senior executives at large companies in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, and found that 81 per cent of respondents believed more regulation is needed to drive firms' response to climate change.

23 November 2007

Eurostar goes carbon-neutral

Not always able to compete with low-cost airlines on price, Eurostar's pitch has long been that its trains are not only quicker door-to-door, but a more comfortable, civilised way to travel. With the opening of the new high-speed link from St Pancras International, the company can also beat the airlines with the green stick, too.

23 November 2007

London Councils to ban the carrier bag

London Councils, the body that represents London’s local authorities, has moved to initiate legislation to ban all free disposable plastic bags in the capital.

18 November 2007

Car Hire market leaders Enterprise launches carbon offset initiative

Car hire giants Enterprise this week announced they are to offer a voluntary carbon offsetting program to customers from January, giving clients the option to cut their carbon footprint.

07 November 2007

Green Hibernian Go Carbon Neutral

IN a bold move to become the first carbon neutral insurance company in Ireland, Hibernian Group has sealed the purchase of 30,000 carbon credits from the eco-friendly Dublin-based concrete firm, Ecocem.

19 October 2007

Tesco transports wine by canal saving CO2.

Tesco has taken a step back in time to the days of the Industrial Revolution by transporting wine by canal

19 October 2007

BT feels the winds of change

BT yesterday joined the ranks of carbon conscious businesses with plans to launch a wind farm project aimed at generating around a quarter of its electricity by 2016.

18 October 2007

SMEs need more help going green

Less than one in ten small technology companies assess their CO2 emissions, according to the Carbon Trust.

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