Case Studies

15 February 2012

Enhancing the Present

06 April 2011

Toshiba - Buy One, Get One Tree

Toshiba are a leading green electronics company. Their corporate stance on the environment is in advance of many other similar companies, and because they are such a giant in the eld, where they go, others will follow. Toshiba have had planted the 5000 trees they have purchased to oset the carbon emissions in their cheekily-named Buy One, Get One Tree promotion. To qualify customers purchased a laptop or TV from one of their green ranges, and Toshiba planted a tree for them in the world famous Alladale Wilderness Reserve & Eco-tourism Development in the Highlands of Scotland. Though this innovative promotion has now ended, Toshiba continue to
have a commitment to environmentally-aware technology.

14 April 2009

Putting Down Roots Affinity Sutton Case Study

Leading affordable home builder Affinity Sutton is putting down roots in Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands - quite literally. Working in  partnership with Carbon Managers’ Trees 4 Business scheme the Group is planting trees to offset some of the carbon emissions caused by their new homes development programme. 

17 March 2009

BlueSquare Becomes Green Square

BlueSquare is a dynamic computer server hosting facility in the South East of England. Like the other participants in Carbon Manager’s Trees4Business campaign, Blue Square are acutely aware of how their data centres’ energy-use generates carbon emissions. That’s where the ‘Green Square’ comes in. This is their new programme which involves hardware and software solutions to reduce emissions, as well as planting 500 trees in the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Highlands of Scotland.

17 March 2009

Bibby - Giving Something Back

Bibby Line Group is a business-to-business services group who has helped its employees purchase trees. Bibby matches every tree a staff member purchases with a tree of its own, to help ‘Save the Planet,’ and are featuring eco-awareness during their environmental week in April 2009.

02 March 2009

Alpha Laboratories - LaboraTree

Racking up success are specialist laboratory suppliers Alpha Laboratories, suppliers of the most environmentally-friendly, market leading pipette tip refill system, Fastrak. In an ingenious marketing scheme they call the Laboratree, they have partnered with Carbon Managers’ Trees4Business programme to plant trees in the famous Alladale Reserve in Scotland. Customers who buy their prestige Fastrak disposable pipette tip refill system also have indigenous Scottish trees planted for them to help the environment. 
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