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06 April 2011

Toshiba are a leading green electronics company. Their corporate stance on the environment is in advance of many other similar companies, and because they are such a giant in the eld, where they go, others will follow. Toshiba have had planted the 5000 trees they have purchased to oset the carbon emissions in their cheekily-named Buy One, Get One Tree promotion. To qualify customers purchased a laptop or TV from one of their green ranges, and Toshiba planted a tree for them in the world famous Alladale Wilderness Reserve & Eco-tourism Development in the Highlands of Scotland. Though this innovative promotion has now ended, Toshiba continue to have a commitment to environmentally-aware technology.

Toshiba's policy statement is: "We have always had one eye on the future. Our TV’s with Eco Panel technology use up to 45% less energy while our laptops come with an Eco Utility across the range to help reduce power consumption. Everything from planting trees to introducing you to the latest in Eco LED lighting is designed with all our futures in mind." They promised to plant one native Caledonian tree in the user's name and send certication to verify involvment in this extraordinary project.

Paul Sharp, Retail Marketing Executive of Toshiba says, "We joined the Trees4Business programme to enhance our environmental sustainability whilst giving our customers a way to support the regeneration work at the Alladale Estate." This groundbreaking project covers 23,000 acres of breathtakingly beautiful country. The objective of the Alladale is to return a large area of Scotland to its pristine, pre-human state with reintroduction of both animals and plants. As Scotland has been progressively deforested over thousands of years, trees are an essential part of the process of rebuilding the ecological structure to allow other species, both plant and animal, to flourish.

The trees are planted from a range of native species, such as Mountain Oak, Rowan, Ash and others. This is a huge task - Alladale is aiming to plant 500,000 trees over ve years - but one which is going well - many rare animals have been encouraged to breed in the ideal surroundings, such as Sea Eagles, and some species have been reintroduced such as Wild Boar and European Elk which died out in in the UK ages ago. There are even plans to reintroduce brown bears and wolves.

The Buy One, Get One Tree promotion has been a major success so far: Paul Sharp says, "It was a great message internally and for our retail partners. The sta response was very positive once they learnt about the project in detail."

Would Toshiba continue to have trees planted in future as part of Toshiba’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their business and production activities - the answer is a resounding Yes. Toshiba Information Systems UK

Toshiba Information Systems UK

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