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17 March 2009

Bibby Line Group Case Study


Bibby Line Group is a business-to-business services group who has helped its employees purchase trees. Bibby matches every tree a staff member purchases with a tree of its own, to help ‘Save the Planet,’ and are featuring eco-awareness during their environmental week in April 2009.

This exciting initiative started as Bibby’s Community Programme feedback had shown that employees wanted to be more environmentally friendly. The staff response has been superb; people have dedicated indigenous British trees, planted in Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Highlands of Scotland, to friends and loved ones.

Caroline Swailes, Community Programme Co-ordinator, says, “We hope to promote new environmental ways of thinking in our Save the Planet week in April, giving employees simple ideas about how to make changes within their own environment.” Every mature tree can renew the air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Britain has far less woodland than most other European countries, so planting trees is a must for environmentally aware companies and individuals.

Alladale Wilderness Reserve is a pioneering ecology project north of Inverness, which is returning the area to its original wildness by adding native animals and plants. The reforestation consists of species like Birch, Rowan, Willow and Caledonian Pine. Animals returning include birds such as capercallie and ptarmigan, raptors like the kestrel, as well as deer, badgers, otters, wild boars and a pair of European elk.

Each tree at Alladale comes with its own certification and GPS coordinates, so that purchasers can be assured of its authenticity.

Bibby Line Group has 6 divisions, operating in very diverse industries including logistics, financial services, offshore, shipping and ship management, woodland burial parks, health & safety support services, and retailing. Since it's formation in 1807, the activities of this family owned British company have evolved into a group of dynamic, service orientated international businesses with a turnover of £619 million

Bibbyline’s Managing Director Sir Michael Bibby says, “Being an international group operating in disparate areas of the globe we have to be aware of our environmental obligations. Planting Trees with the Trees4Business programme, and our Environmental Week are ways we can give something back to nature."

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