World’s First Carbon Offsetting Search Engine Launched

19 November 2007

Every time you use your mouse to search the web or shop online using they will give 50% of the revenue they receive through advertising and commission referrals to the Woodland Trust to plant trees.


A spokesman for said: “The next 6 weeks are the busiest for online searching and shopping. According to the Centre for Economic and Business Research the average British family will spend over £448 on food, drink, toys and other gifts this Christmas. If this was spent through MagicTaxi it would plant 5 trees and help to offset 1 tonne of carbon.


“We chose to partner with the Woodland Trust as we wanted the trees purchased to be grown within the UK , so that we could be confident they would reach full maturity and our users could visit the woodland being created.


The MagicTaxi internet toolbar will also give users tips about what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprints by being more energy efficient. And by planting trees with the Woodland Trust, MagicTaxi will also be helping to offset the carbon emissions related to using your PC such as delivery of online purchases.

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