Energy Saving Day Failure?

14 April 2008

Matt Prescott, who's Energy Saving Day actually saw a rise in energy consumption at the end of it, said it was still worth his effort as it helped raise awareness of the causes and led to energy companies simplifying their home insulation schemes.


Even though E-Day clearly raised zero awareness with consumers, as everyone happily boiled more water than strictly necessary and left the oven on to keep the kitchen warm thanks to the cooler E-Day weather.

The failure was down to a lack of publicity, according to Matt, with mainstream media simply not doing enough to help get the point across. Matt is currently unsure if there will be another E-Day. Seeing as energy use went up on the last one, it's probably best not to bother.

E day actual energy consumption 104336 MWh


Usual consumption 104271 MWh

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