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16 January 2012

News From Alladale: The ‘Lost Eden’ in The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are considered one of Europe's last great areas of wilderness, yet much of the flora and fauna that once thrived here has been driven to extinction by the activities of man. Over the past five years Carbon Managers has planted over 30,000 trees on behalf of its clients to help restore this wild and beautiful landscape. Not only do these trees support some of the UK’s rarest species, they are also essential in helping to reduce pollution, generate oxygen and maintain wildlife habitats - particularly in the UK where only 12% of land is wooded, compared with an average of 32% in other European countries.

28 December 2010

Vertical Farming - Could It Really Work?

Is it possible that stacking farms vertically in cities would be able to help our food production needs?

16 December 2010

Green Deal Bill reaches Parliament

New bill will offer consumers easier financing for energy saving improvements

09 December 2010

Fleeing Vesuvius Book Review

How to adapt to the challenges of climate change and peak energy

01 December 2010

Make A Greener Future

Celebrate National Tree Week by planting trees

25 November 2010

It’s Snow Joke for Birds

As severe weather is forecast we must do all we can to help our wild birds

17 November 2010

"weatherathome" - today sees launch of participatory Climate Change Experiment

You can get involved in tracking regional climate variation by downloading free software in the world's largest participatory computing project

11 November 2010

Biofuels - EU Report Shows They Will Make Climate Worse

Land conversion will increase greenhouse gas emissions

01 November 2010

Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

Helping geeks find more environmentally friendly gadgets

21 October 2010

Ten New Solar Farms Planned for UK

"Silicon Vineyards" will roll out in the British Countryside

15 October 2010

Bonfire of Quangos Hits Environmental Organisations

Cuts to bodies which look at pesticides and environmental pollution, and conserve the natural environment

08 October 2010

What If? Or the Age of Diminishing Returns

nef's Andrew Simms gives a tour de force Soil Association lecture

01 October 2010

Electric Planes Reach for the Skies

New Boeing Solar Powered Drone Planned to fly for five years without refuelling

23 September 2010

World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Opens Today

100 Turbines off Kent coast will generate enough power for 200,000 homes

17 September 2010

The World's Largest Solar Plant Gets Planning Approval

1000 MW plant in US Desert to generate Concentrated Solar Power

10 September 2010

Feeding Cows Oregano Might Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Cattle emissions can be diminished says new scientific research

02 September 2010

Peugeot Unveils World's First Diesel Hybrid Car

Beats competitors with crossover vehicle combining low emissions with driving enjoyment and occupant protection

27 August 2010

New Research to Help Rare Scottish Bird

Conservation could be key to saving mysterious Slavonian Grebe

18 August 2010

The Long Descent

Excellent new book by John Michael Greer

12 August 2010

Ecuador offers to leave rainforest oil in the ground for £2.3 billion

International donors asked to protect species-rich rainforest reserve from oil exploration

04 August 2010

Walking in the Woods - A Health Benefit

Finnish Researchers determine that forests are good for your health

23 July 2010

Wood is Good

The green building material of the future is wood

16 July 2010

Interactive Google Earth map shows us a 4º Hotter World

Emissions Cutting Pushed Forward by UK Government

09 July 2010

Cutting Carbon, not Jobs

New zerocarbonbritain2030 Report Launched

zero carbon britain 2030 is a fully integrated solution to climate change in the UK. It examines how we can meet our electricity and heating requirements through efficient service provision, while still decreasing carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other emissions.

02 July 2010

Up, Up and Away - Airships for Future Transportation

Scientist Sir David King praises old/new form of transport for its low carbon emissions

25 June 2010

Enrich Your Soils with Biochar

Rediscovered ancient wisdom uses charcoal to infuse the earth with productive micronutrients

21 June 2010

Electric Cars are Go!

UK's largest electric car trial proves they are practical for urban and motorway driving

11 June 2010

Wildscreen 2010 Film Festival Booking Opens

Exciting October event to celebrate wildlife and environmental filmmaking

04 June 2010

Reforestation is a Goer!

UN passes major new agreement to reduce greenhouse gases by implementing measures to reduce deforestation and forest degradation. A UK report shows how restoring UK forests could save 10% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

28 May 2010

BP Claims Success with "Top Kill" of Oil Leak

BP claims it has stopped the Gulf of Mexico oil leak with a controversial method, while costs rise and an industry insider suggests there is another leak contributing to the disaster.

21 May 2010

Staffs Farm Produces Bioenergy from Rubbish

A Staffordshire farm is being held up as a model of sustainable diversification after starting a £3m anaerobic digestion plant to make energy and compost from waste

13 May 2010

New UK Coalition Government Agrees Environmental Policies

Positive policies range from a smart grid, scrapping the Third Runway at Heathrow, and a green investment bank;  the only major area of disagreement is on Nuclear Power

06 May 2010

Politics, Gulf Oil Spill - and Avatar

The UK General Election and how our misuse of technology is damaging the planet, as the hugely successful film Avatar shows

28 April 2010

Britain’s Rivers Could Dry Out as Water Demand Soars

River water is being depleted and this is having dangerous effects on rare native species, according to WWF-UK

22 April 2010

Volcanoes - Are they Good for Us?

The Icelandic Volcano has unwittingly given us a glimpse of a lower carbon future

15 April 2010

Using the Sea as an Air Conditioner

The oceans can be utilised as a clean and renewable form of cooling for buildings

06 April 2010

UK General Election Called for 6th May - the Parties outline Green Plans

The main UK Political Parties each have their Green plans - but can they deliver?

27 November 2008

We are Sailing, Solar Sailing...

An Australian shipbuilding firm has landed a plum contract to fit Solar powered “Wings” to a giant chinese tanker. These aluminium solar sails generate electricity and also save fuel by catching any breezes that are around – exactly like the clipper ships of yore. They harness the wind to cut fuel costs by around 30%, as well as generating electricity to meet around five percent of the ship's needs. They can be retrofitted to existing designs. The makers SolarSailor say that they will pay for themselves by saving fuel costs in four years.

09 May 2008

Sweden Smashes Kyoto Targets

If there's a paradise for environmentalists, this Nordic nation of 9.2 million people must be it. In 2007 Sweden topped the list of countries that did the most to save the planet - for the second year running - according to German environmental group, Germanwatch. Between 1990 and 2006 Sweden cut its carbon emissions by 9%, largely exceeding the target set by the Kyoto Protocol, while enjoying economic growth of 44% in fixed prices.

09 May 2008

Feed In Tarrifs for Renewable Energy

Engineers, trade unions, farmers and house builders today backed a campaign by Friends of the Earth and the Renewable Energy Association to introduce a "feed-in tariff" system that would improve Britain's take-up of renewable energy.

09 May 2008

Shell Sells Out on Offshore Wind Farm

The future of the world's largest offshore wind farm and a symbol of Britain's renewable energy future was thrown into doubt last night after it emerged that Shell was backing out of the project and indicated it would prefer to invest in more lucrative oil schemes.

30 April 2008

Worlds First Eco-City?

As the government ponders on the creation of 15 new ‘eco-towns’, the UK’s smallest city is already on the way to becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city.


30 April 2008

Brewer to create energy saving pubs

Following the success of energy-saving initiatives across managed estate, Midlands brewer Marston’s is introducing a similar programme throughout its tenanted and leased pub estate as well at its Wolverhampton head office.

30 April 2008

Vodafone Hope to Half Emissions by 2020

Vodafone has said it will halve its carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, largely by making its networks more energy efficient.

26 April 2008

UN CDM Milestone reached

The United Nations approved the one thousandth clean energy project under a program run under its Kyoto Protocol global warming pact, the U.N.'s climate change secretariat said on Monday.

26 April 2008

Government enquiry into commercial emissions

MPs are investigating how best to lower the carbon footprint of Britain 's offices, shops and factories.

14 April 2008

Bottled Water in Big Trouble

After ten years of soaring business, the tide is starting to turn against bottled water.

14 April 2008

DHL Parent to reduce carbon footprint by 30%

DHL parent Deutsche Post World Net has set a target to reduce its carbon footprint by 30 per cent by the year 2020. To reach this it will replace 90 per cent of its air fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft. It will also expand its use of hybrid engine technologies and improve its route planning, to ensure the reduction of its road fleet.

14 April 2008

Latin America’s Offset Projects

Is Latin America is the Clean Development Mechanism’s land of opportunity?

14 April 2008

Energy Saving Day Failure?

Energy Saving Day was worth the effort" says the man who came up with the idea

07 April 2008

Royal Society gets Tough on Coal Power

Britain's leading scientists have told ministers that plans for a new generation of coal power stations pose an unacceptable climate risk, unless greater efforts are made to trap and store the carbon pollution they produce.

07 April 2008

EU Industry CO2 levels rise

Carbon dioxide emissions from Europe 's heavy industry sectors rose by 1.1% in 2007, say carbon market analysts.

04 April 2008

4 in the race to be the first carbon neutral country

Iceland, New Zealand, Norway and Costa Rica are in the race for the greenest of the laurels, competing to be the first of the world's 195 nations to go entirely carbon neutral.

04 April 2008

Eco Towns Not Carbon Neutral Without Offsets

Gordon Brown's pledge to create a string of carbon-neutral “eco-towns” will prove unachievable unless the government buys carbon offsets, the designers of the scheme have warned.

04 April 2008

Kyoto Protocol Replacement Talks

Scientists and officials from across the world meet in Thailand this week for the first formal talks in the long process of drawing up a replacement for the Kyoto climate change pact by the end of 2009.

29 March 2008

Bursting the Biofuel Bubble

Using plant-based materials for vehicle fuel was until recently heralded as the answer to the need to reduce carbon emissions from petrol and diesel fuels. But new alarm bells are ringing!

18 March 2008

EU pushes smaller role for carbon offsetting

The European Union wants developing countries to make more effort to cut their ballooning greenhouse gas emissions rather than rely on carbon offset schemes.

10 March 2008

Carbon Acounting for Land Owners

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has co-operated with the leading land agents Savills to release a new, free, web-based calculator which will allow farmers and land managers to work out their carbon accounts.

10 March 2008

Planning Policy Relaxed for Renewables

Householders wishing to install energy generating equipment, including solar panels, will no longer require planning permission under proposals announced early this month

03 March 2008

Radiohead frontman launches carbon campaign

The lead singer of Radiohead today launched a campaign to persuade the European Union and European governments to commit to annual cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

03 March 2008

CALM goes live 7th of March

Carbon Accounting for Land Managers (CALM) - a free web-based calculator which will allow farmers and land managers to work out their carbon accounts is due to go live on the 7th

25 February 2008

UK carbon offset providers could form industry coalition

Negotiations are underway between leading offset providers looking to bolster the sector's credibility with the launch of a new trade group

25 February 2008

Oceanic fertilisation project halted indefinitely

Planktos, the company hoping to create carbon credits by fertilising oceanic plankton blooms.

22 February 2008

Totally Fitness to go Totally Neutral

The UK 's leading gym and fitness equipment retailer Totally Fitness has announced that it is to offset its emissions and go Carbon Neutral.

01 February 2008

Carbon Disclosure Project – Supply Chain Footprints for Big Companies

A company’s carbon footprint does not begin and end with its own operations. Some of the world's most high profile conglomerates are setting a good example by recognising that they are responsible for carbon emissions generated in their supply chains. and a group of big guns have got together to form the Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration (SCLC) in order to do something about it.

01 February 2008

Worlds First Carbon Neutral Motorcycle Company

Branson is claiming to be the first ever carbon neutral motorcycle company.

01 February 2008

Entire Asphalt Industry Goes Carbon Neutral

The Mastic Asphalt Council has announced it will offset all carbon emissions produced by its industry.

21 January 2008

B.A. Launches an all new offset scheme

British Airways has launched a new carbon offset scheme after its previous programme to offset emissions was described as "risible" by MPs.

13 January 2008

Iron fertilisation projects are “too risky” for carbon offsets

Leading marine scientists have issued a warning that it is too early to sell carbon offsets from the use of iron to fertilise the growth of microscopic marine plants which take up carbon dioxide.

13 January 2008

A Carbon Neutral Community

People living in a Brecon Beacons village are being urged to take part in a survey which aims to make their community carbon neutral.

07 January 2008

Prince Charles to Help Norway Save Rainforests

Prince Charles has offered to team up with Norway in projects to save forests around the world, Norwegian officials said on Thursday.

02 January 2008

UK businesses behind on carbon footprints

Only 1% of British businesses are aware of the scale of their carbon emissions, Carbon Trust research has suggested.

17 December 2007

Bali climate change summit emissions to be fully offset

The UN is to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its delegates attending the climate change summit currently underway in Bali.

17 December 2007

Land Rover offsets the first 45,000 miles of every new 4x4

Vehicle manufacturer Land Rover is using it to offset both its own production emissions and those of some its customers

10 December 2007

At Last… Australia Ratifies Kyoto

Australian Labour Party leader Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as prime minister, following a landslide victory in parliamentary elections last week.

10 December 2007

Toshiba Trees Offset Laptop Manufacture Emissions

IT firm Toshiba has today launched a service that will allow customers buying any of the company's laptops to offset the carbon emissions associate with the manufacture and use of the product.

05 December 2007

Carbon Trading has potential to save the rainforests

According to new research, carbon trading has the potential to halt the destruction of rainforests.

28 November 2007

market for carbon offsets

The market for carbon offsets is small but growing rapidly, according to a July study by Ecosystem Marketplace, a nonprofit that tracks markets intended to benefit the environment.

The amount of carbon emission credits traded in the United States tripled from 2005 to 2006, Ecosystem's study found, with trading valued at $91 million in 2006.

27 November 2007

Gold, Silver, Bronze… and Green?

London 2012 Olimpics ‘One Planet Games’ carbon emissions are to be calculated right down to the emissions caused by the buzzer sounding when a single hit is made in a fencing match.

27 November 2007

E.on’s Carbon ‘footyprint’ campaign kicks off

Energy giants E.on is to help cut the carbon footprint of the nation’s favourite game

23 November 2007

Tropical forests worth more left standing

Tropical nations that prevent the logging or burning of their rainforests could be paid for the carbon they stop reaching the atmosphere, under proposals to be discussed at UN climate change talks in December.

19 November 2007

World’s First Carbon Offsetting Search Engine Launched

An internet search engine has launched the first ever ‘offset as you search’ project. and the woodland trust pledge to plant trees to help reduce customer carbon footprints.

19 November 2007

Virgin Atlantic Offset Press Release

Virgin Atlantic launches onboard carbon offset scheme

7 November 2007

30 October 2007

CO2 levels mean climate change could be much worse than predicted

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing much faster and will be harder to control than scientists have predicted, a study has found.

30 October 2007

Sainsbury’s to give away energy saving light bulbs

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to give away one million energy-saving compact flourescent light bulbs – about the amount the supermarket giant normally sells in a year.

30 October 2007

London Olympic flame to be carbon neutral

Olympic chiefs worried about the environmental damage caused by the Olympic flame are exploring options for a carbon neutral flame

22 October 2007

Global Warming Hits Fish & Chips Industry

Over fishing has cut deeply into the North Sea's cod population in recent decades, and scientists now say this important food fish faces a second challenge — climate change.

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